Shine Class

This page has been designed to help parents of K through 3rd grade kiddos teach Bible lessons while staying at home.

We are in ABC I Believe series of lessons.

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Ravens are Super Smart

Ravens Can Talk

Elijah Being Fed by Ravens

God’s Story: Elijah

Give Your Worries to God

How to Make a Paper Bird that Can Fly

Making Bread

The Easiest Bread

Artisan, No Sugar Bread

Rustic Bread

Watch the video lesson here

Lesson related interesting videos


The California Quail

Northern Bobwhite Quail

God Gives Manna

Don’t Be a Baby

Water, Manna, and Quail Message


Moses and the Exodus

Manna and Quail from Exodus (lesson for adults)

Manna/Bible Study/Jesus in All of Exodus 16-18 (lesson for adults)

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Interesting videos related to the lesson.

Two Sons and a Father

Prodigal Son


All Things Animal

Pigs for Kids

A Field Trip to Ohio Pig Farm

Pigs in Blankets Snack

Three Little Pigs Story

To watch video lesson click here

To watch video lesson click here.
Interesting videos for this lesson
Earthworms Closeup
Fishers of Men
Fishers of Men retold by kids
God’s Story: Peter
Evangelism for Kids
How to Draw a Fish
Making a Moving Paper Fish

To watch video lesson click here

Watch ladybug video

Watch ladybug video

Suggested activities