Thanksgiving Celebration

Being grateful is a big deal! Being wise enough to understand that is an even bigger deal. This Thanksgiving season we want to celebrate God, show our appreciation to Him for abundant blessings we are given. We want to invite you to join us, Missouri Street Church of Christ, in this CELEBRATION on Wednesday, November […]

Studying the Book of Proverbs

WEEK 3 – WISDOM IN RELATIONSHIPS / Day 15 SOAP – Proverbs 13:20 Our relationships and friendships have the potential to have a very large influence on our lives. God’s Word urges us to have wisdom in relationships, choosing friends who are even-tempered and who display wisdom. What criteria have you established for your friendships? […]

Ministry Fair

Come to Rash Hall at 8:30 AM for breakfast (KITCHEN CLOSES AT 9 AM) and stay for the Ministry Fair 9-9:45 AM to see the ministries represented where you can apply your God given gifts.