Under Enemy Fire

By Kendall Lowe The Bible constantly speaks of “blessing those who persecute you” and “rejoicing in our persecutions”. However, most of us today in this country when asked if we are being persecuted would answer “No”. We don’t feel persecuted for our faith in our daily lives, and sometimes we shame ourselves into thinking that […]

Let Me Explain

By Kendall Lowe Have you ever seen a movie where something incredible happens or is discovered, and within a matter of minutes people are over it or are completely okay with it? The existence of robots, aliens, or talking animals is revealed and all too soon it’s as if this had always been a normal […]

Turn On the Light

Kendall Lowe How many of us are afraid of the dark? If not, how many of us in a certain situation would be afraid of the dark? Being alone? Being lost? The dark can be a pretty scary place for just about anyone. My least favorite part about being in the dark is that you […]

Yield Your Hearts

Kendall Lowe Imagine being on a football team. You have fought your way through a tough season and found yourselves at the championship game. The coach brings you all close into the huddle to prepare you to take the field. He reminds you of the accomplishments you made this year; where we’ve come from and […]


Mike Seale A “storm” is something that creates fear, it causes doubt about your future and where you are in life. A storm can challenge everything you know (you think you know) about life and where you are. Uncertainty, frustration, stress of the unknown are common emotions that coincide with a storm. If you have […]

Living to Die or Dying to Live

Kendall Lowe The life of a gladiator was not one to be envied. Day by day preparing for the possibility of being killed in the coliseum each night could easily be their last. How do you think they went about living their lives outside of the arena? Paul describes it well in 1 Corinthians 15:32 […]

GOD’s Unique Ways. Part 8. Entrance By The Blood.

Mike Seale Today will be my last devotional writing for a few weeks. I am scheduled for early morning meetings this week and will be in Tuscaloosa Thursday and Friday to take my dad for his second cataract surgery. Next Monday I leave for a mission trip to Nicaragua and return March 27. As a […]