“Give Thanks to the Lord”

Hey friends.  I wanted to let you hear the new song we’ll introduce this Sunday. We’ve been singing it the past couple of weeks, during our countdown time, so you’ll recognize it. It’s a great song, taken straight from I Chronicles 16:34; Psalm 106:1; Psalm 107:1; Psalm 118:1, 29; and Psalm 136:1. Singing words from the Word of God is a powerful thing!

Here it is. Take a moment to listen, but you’ll find it quite easy to learn, and sing! This is the song as it was recorded on the Acappella Worship Album, “In His Presence.”

3 thoughts on ““Give Thanks to the Lord”

  1. Kyle, I have really enjoyed the song services over the last few months. They really make me feel uplifted. Thanks for your good job.

    Peggy Griffith

  2. Kyle, just a followup to Friday’s conversation: I was able to hear the song, Give Thanks… I look forward to the song this Sunday. Thanks.-Dan

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