Stocking-Stuffer Idea! A Ticket to the RE:FUEL Men’s Conference in April, 2012!

Wives — give your husband a weekend that will change his life. If you want to give him the perfect Christmas gift, buy him a ticket to the RE:FUEL Men’s Conference on April 20, 21, 2012! For $25, you can register him for the conference, give him his ticket to get in, as well as a snazzy keychain to sweeten the deal. Let him know you want him to be the leader of your family, and that you will support him on his journey of faith this holiday season.

And fellas — it’s okay to splurge on yourself this Christmas. Even if you aren’t married, go ahead and buy yourself an excellent Christmas present.

The conference this year will feature Don McLaughlin and Buddy Bell as speakers, as well as a great time of worship on Saturday night. RE:FUEL Overflow lets you bring your wives, kids, and friends back on Saturday night to end the weekend with a powerful time of worship.

See Courtney or Andy Shepherd to get your ticket/keychain, and reserve your spot in the conference in April!


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