RE:FUEL 2012

(Click here to buy tickets, or get more information.)

This year’s men’s conference will be unbelievable!

The dates are Friday and Saturday, April 20, 21, 2012, at Harding Academy in Memphis. And it has some new additions from the previous two years that will make it a special event!

Friday evening we’ll feed you supper, then the conference begins with Don McLaughlin (our speaker the last two years) and Buddy Bell. When the conference is over, we’ve got a great acoustic evening planned with Christian singer Todd Agnew (who just released his latest CD this week!).

Saturday morning we’ll hear two more sessions from Don and Buddy, and then be released for an afternoon of free time.

But Saturday evening, we’ve introduced another new addition: RE:FUEL Overflow. Overflow is an hour of community worship, from 6-7P, at Harding Academy. We want all of our attendees to return, WITH their families, wives, kids, and friends, for a night of powerful worship. I, alongwith Steve Maxwell and Brishan Hatcher (the three worship leaders from last year) will lead the worship that night. And our own Jessica and Curtis Conn will be a part of the praise team that night!

And, another new addition is a four-week small group curriculum for every person that attends, designed to continue the conversations and themes of RE:FUEL in your small groups or bible classes!

And all of this only costs $30!

You can get your tickets from Andy and Courtney Shepherd, or you can click here to purchase them online.

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