An Amazing Retreat

We had a great retreat at Camp Tahkodah last weekend, for a time of rest, study, and worship! And God blessed it tremendously, because he is the ultimate retreat-planner!

The cabin discussions were spirit-filled, the worship was spirit-led, and the weather was God-sent! And two students, Megan Jones and Cheyenne Taylor, gave their lives to Jesus! Powerful stuff!

I adopted a new approach this year, and a far-better approach, to planning retreats. Instead of recruiting people, and asking them to volunteer their time, I instead went before God, and simply asked him to call and beckon people to be a part of this weekend. As a result, each of our staff positions, including counselors and kitchen staff, were filled quicker than they have ever been filled.

And though I constantly posted on Facebook and Twitter and Youtube about our retreat, I only asked God to bring the students to this retreat that were to be part of this weekend. Again, God is able, and he never fails.

So the retreat was different. It was anointed and blessed beyond my ability. And God deserves all praise for it!

Take a look at a sneak peek … and be watching for the full movie soon!

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