Tahkodah 2013

The MoSt Church has been taking students and families to Camp Tahkodah for over 30 years. And this year, we’re going again, to a place heavy with memories of spiritual transformations, first loves, great conversations, awesome food, powerful worship, life-changing moments, crazy games, unbelievable fun, and, once upon a time, a glow-stick campfire.

If you are a student in our community, you haven’t really lived until you’ve gone to Camp Tahkodah. And if you’re a parent, know your student will be in good hands. Over 50 adults will accompany all of our students to the retreat site, to feed them, talk to them, look out for them, and teach them.

The weekend retreat, this year, is all about opposition. The bible, in 1 John 2:15, says to not love the world … nor should we love anything in the world. That’s a powerful statement, and one that we too often ignore. Our stance, as believers, is what matters, so we will encourage our students to stand firm in their faith.

If you have questions at all, give Kyle Strickland a call at 870-735-3394. You can also visit our site at kidswiththemost.com, or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. The weekend will be amazing. Don’t miss the weekend that may just change your life.

You can find the release form here.Tahkodah FB group banner

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