Covenant of Salt (pt 4) A Part of Worship

Mike Seale

According to Exodus 30:34-38 salt was used in the formula of making incense. We know from Scripture, our prayers rise up to GOD like incense when it is burned, “May my prayer be set before you like incense…” (Psalm 141:2). We already noted how salt was added to the sacrifices, and now to the formula of incense; both involved and connected to worship.
Is it a far-fetched idea to suggest that when we act in faith and trust in our GOD, it is an act of “salting” our worship?
Paul pleads in Rom.12:1-2 “…in view of GOD’s mercy, offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to GOD-this is your spiritual act of worship.” In offering ourselves as “living sacrifices” our lives are transformed by the renewal of our minds…change our thinking, change our behavior, and thereby bringing glory to GOD.
The Challenge today is to realize GOD intended worship to transform us on the inside (heart/mind/spirit) that we may honor Him in all we do and say. Be blessed today as you live a salted, sacrificed life before GOD.

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