Change (part 2)

by Mike Seale
I believe in free will. I believe GOD created Adam with free will, and I believe we have free will today. I also recognize our fallen, sinful nature that is bent toward choosing disobedience to GOD’s holy law (Rom. 7:12).

If change is to occur, our will, desire, mind and spirit must be in agreement with GOD’s truth. The basic, most fundamental truth about me is that I am a sinner.

Last night I had the privilege of assisting in the baptisms of 19 women at the Correction Facility in West Memphis (54 in all since we started teaching just a few months ago). Angela and I, along with two other ladies from our church family (Loretta Dale and Sue Cash), got to witness 19 ladies confess their sin, profess Jesus Christ as the Son of GOD, and then be immersed into the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Their spirit was in agreement with GOD’s Spirit. “…no one can say, ‘Jesus Christ is LORD’ except by the Holy Spirit,'” (I Cor. 12:3).

While all 19 returned to their dorm room, and remained a resident at the Correction Facility, a massive change had taken place!

GOD, through and by the blood of Jesus, had removed their sin, their guilt and declared them “not guilty!” GOD had transferred them from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. GOD had permanently placed His Holy Spirit in them, a deposit guaranteeing their inheritance (Eph.1:13-24). GOD adopted them into His family…and the list goes on.

The Challenge for us today is to see with our spiritual eyes (eyes of our heart-Eph.1:18) the change that GOD has made in each of our lives. No matter what you might feel, the Truth of GOD’s Word tells us change has occurred. So be blessed today as the Holy Spirit continues to transform each of us into the image of Jesus Christ.

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