Change (part 5)

By Mike Seale

I would have to say the most difficult change is when our minds, more directly, our brains, have been “hijacked.” Paul makes it clear in Romans 6:11-23 that we are either slaves to sin or slaves to righteousness. Satan has hijacked our minds.

If I am a “slave,” then I do exactly what my master orders me to do. The worst master of all is the addiction slave-master!

There are times we can tell a child, “Stop It!” And they cease disobedient or dangerous behavior. But when it comes to addiction, we have entered into the arena of a totally different animal.

While I am a firm believer in the power of the gospel, and the complete sufficiency of the atoning and redemptive work of Christ, as a new believer I must also change the places I go and the people who I hang out with, especially those with powerful influence. If I don’t, I will find myself back into the same pig pen of sin.

It was the same for Israel when they left Egypt. They left Egypt but Egypt was still very much in them. A different way of thinking and living was demanded. When someone fully accepts Christ, a new way of thinking and living must take place.

Dealing with addiction can only be understood by those who have been enslaved by alcohol, drugs, pornography, gambling and even what some think is a harmless vice, shopping. We have failed to fully understand the physical, fleshly domination that has overtaken our minds and our bodies dependency for a new and different high! Here is the link to an article from Harvard medical school on how addiction hijacks the brain. No wonder in 12 Step Programs, going to multiple weekly group meetings and having a sponsor is an absolute necessity.

The Challenge today is to be honest enough with our struggles. Honest with ourselves, honest with someone we trust, and honest with GOD. Be blessed today as you begin the most difficult journey of freedom from the slave-master of addiction.


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