Proverbs 12:7

Proverbs 12:7

The wicked are overthrown and are no more, but the house of the righteous will stand.

This verse is telling us that our actions define what will happen to us. Wickedness is never going to consume you if you choose to do right. We can only be wicked if our hearts are choosing to turn away from love and kindness and focus on the hurt we feel. I could turn cold and heartless and treat others badly if I just focus on what they did to hurt me. If we remember the love we felt and treat others that same way, they would get to feel the love we feel. So, If you want to be mean to others, people will turn on you. When you’re nice to them, they will stand by you; firm by your side.

When I hear this verse, I think of how trustworthy God is to make the right choice in the end. God makes sure you are protected, because you are his child. All of your worries, family issues, and other problems you may be facing; he takes care of it and his Word will stay. We should not drown ourselves with fear, because God is on our side every step of the way. The love of God and his Word will stand no matter how little or big your problems are; he is with you. Because the best is yet to come.

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