Thoughts on 1 John

Why, I am Just a Human!

When I think of what is involved in the devotion to the life of fellowship with God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ I realize how much I “miss the mark”. Should I feel like I am a liar, a hypocrite and not worthy of being in the light with God. Let me work on myself a little longer and then I will be able to get in His presence…

In one of our lessons on 1 John in our class kids were given an interesting example of our acceptance by God.

Imagine our Fellowship Hall brightly lit where a fellowship party is going on. But we are wandering in the dark parking lot, we just came from some activity that caused us to be covered in dirt. God is where light is because God is light, there is no darkness in God at all. We, on the other hand, are covered in sin and are wandering in the darkness. We cannot really tell that we are dirty because we cannot see dirt that well in the darkness. So… do we want to get in?… Do we want to be where the light is?… We “kinda” know that we do not look presentable to be at the party in the brightly lit room… If we do want to be in the light of the party we need to choose either: 1) To clean ourselves before we go in or 2) To come in the way we are, dirt and all…

Will God accept only clean people? You know the answer… No! Come in the way you are!

Do we stay dirty in the presence of God? No. As soon as we are in the light we can see how dirty we are. We immediately start working on cleaning ourselves… We cannot be perfectly clean ever. But we will be less dirty… As long as we are staying in that light of Fellowship Hall where God is and as long as we are trying to clean ourselves everyday of our life… we are good.


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