1 John 4:10

1 John 4:10

“This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.”

Love is such a mysterious thing sometimes. It can cause people to feel things that they have a hard time explaining. It can make people do things they otherwise would not have done. It can cause serious heartbreak and it can mend the most broken relationships. It is a hard thing to explain for just about anyone. Artists and musicians are always trying to describe what love is, whether it be the love shared between a man and a woman, or the bond of siblings and friends. But try as we might, love is hard to explain.

God’s love for us is immensely more mysterious! People have tried to understand it for generations and to this day we are still dumbfounded by it. Our love for God, honestly, makes sense to most of us. Some may see a world in chaos and evil and have a hard time understanding why we would love the One who seems to be orchestrating it all. But we know what He did for us and what He continues to do for us, and so our love for Him often doesn’t confuse us. But oftentimes His love for us leaves us confused and questioning.

God’s love is difficult to explain, but at the same time it explains so much. Why does God create? Because He loves, He creates people to love. Why does God care? Because He loves, He cares for sinful people. Why are we free to choose? Because He loves, He wants a loving response from us. Why did Christ die? Because He loves, God’s love for us caused Him to seek a solution to the problem of sin. Why do we receive eternal life? Because He loves, God’s love expresses itself to us forever.

God’s love is mysterious, but because of it, we understand so much of what He did for us.

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