Camp Tahkodah 2019

October 12-13 is our annual fall retreat to Camp Tahkodah in Floral, Arkansas.

Pack your bags and brush the dust off your sleeping bag! It is time for Tahkodah!

This year we will be trying something new in preparation of the Tahkodah weekend: Opening Night. On October 9th, at 5:00pm, we will meet at the Missouri Street Church of Christ to share a meal, play some games, and focus our minds on the weekend ahead. At about 8:00 we will send you home, then you will come back to the building as usual on the morning of the 12th (Saturday) to make the trip down to Tahkodah.

This year the focus of the weekend is answering a question: Who Am I? The whole world, especially teens, finds themselves in a perpetual identity crisis. Whether we are trying to determine for ourselves who we are, or letting the world and culture do it for us, we are missing the point of who God has already made us to be. Our prayer for this weekend is that our teens will realize who they are and Whose they are as we look to God to give us our true identity.

If you’re a parent, know your student will be in good hands. Over 30 adults will accompany all of our students to the retreat site to feed them, talk to them, look out for them, and teach them.

If you have any questions at all, give Kendall Lowe a call at (978) 503-4113 or email at

This weekend will be amazing and, with God’s help, could be life changing.

Camp Tahkodah 2019 poster

2019 Tahkodah Release Form

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