Ezekiel 34

Ezekiel 34:11-16  The Message

11-16 “‘God, the Master, says: From now on, I myself am the shepherd. I’m going looking for them. As shepherds go after their flocks when they get scattered, I’m going after my sheep. I’ll rescue them from all the places they’ve been scattered to in the storms. I’ll bring them back from foreign peoples, gather them from foreign countries, and bring them back to their home country. I’ll feed them on the mountains of Israel, along the streams, among their own people. I’ll lead them into lush pasture so they can roam the mountain pastures of Israel, graze at leisure, feed in the rich pastures on the mountains of Israel. And I myself will be the shepherd of my sheep. I myself will make sure they get plenty of rest. I’ll go after the lost, I’ll collect the strays, I’ll doctor the injured, I’ll build up the weak ones and oversee the strong ones so they’re not exploited.

It’s not too often that you read devotionals based on Ezekiel. But this passage speaks to how God wants a connection with us.

Which sheep are you?

Are you the one that is lost? Have you gotten into a tight spot that you can’t get out of?

Are you hurt?  Do you have physical injuries that have you so discouraged that you just don’t even want to get out of bed?

Are you weak? Do you feel like no one can help pull you out of the pit that you’re in?

Are you a stray? Have you been away from God and the church so long that you think you can’t come back?

Whichever one you are, this verse tells us He will go after you. He will rescue you. He will provide for you. But He won’t force you. He offers the rest, the healing, the strengthening and the directions to any who are willing to accept Him.

But when you’ve never really connected with Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit, it seems impossible. Or maybe unrealistic. Or daunting. But that’s why God in His infinite wisdom created the church. The church isn’t about the steeple, it’s about the people. Are they perfect? No. Do they always get it right? No. But they’re a group of people ready to welcome you in, to connect with you, to walk this earthly journey with you…to pray with you when you’re broken, to pray for you when you’re depleted, to do life with you as we all help each other connect to the only thing that will matter in eternity – our connection with God and his son Jesus.

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