A Quick Recap

What an amazing summer!

With numerous ways to grow and develop and to learn, this summer has been such a blessing for our church!

Our kiddos, through the sixth grade, had an unbelievable learning experience this summer in Rash Hall. For the third summer, Eran has taught and led “Big City Studios,” which is a highly interactive learning environment for our kids! By the way, Eran adopted this curriculum based upon its use by some of the largest, and fastest growing churches in America, and this summer, we had more students (around 60!) than the previous two years! We are so thankful for her leadership, and we are so thankful that our kids and teachers learning, and leading.

We are also thankful for the many, many teenagers who worked and helped in both Big City Studios and in the younger children’s classes. Our children’s ministry would not have been as successful this summer without them.

Our VBS event this year, called FamilyFunFest, was an outstanding success as well, with almost 150 parents and kiddos, as well as many visitors! That day was followed by three Saturday nights watching the Chronicles of Narnia movies, with lots of families enjoying the free entertainment and family time!

Tucker Bankston finished his second summer on our staff, and he did an outstanding job. He is such a gifted young man, and we were honored to have him on our summer staff, and can safely say that much of what we did this summer was because of his energy and ideas. We hope he will join our staff again next summer.

Our youth ministry finished another great summer, after being challenged to read the entire bible in just 90 days. Many are still on pace, and all have read a portion of the bible this summer! There is nothing better than teaching our teenagers a dependence and love for the Word of God. A special thanks to Jamie Nanney for helping lead a group of teenagers on Wednesday nights through the Word.

We offered an in-depth look at the book of Revelation, through our guest speaker Dr. Richard Oster. We were challenged to see a victorious God from the pages of the final book of the bible, by one of America’s premiere scholars on the subject.

The ladies of our church, again, had an opportunity to be engaged by another incredible Beth Moore teaching series, this one called “Breaking Free.” Many ladies participated in the group discussions and the video sessions, and were challenged to be free from so many burdens.

And our men were led this summer through an intense journey of culture and scripture, in their Sunday morning class called “Men of the Times.” Taught by Kyle, several of our guys, and dads, were challenged to make profound changes in their lives, and to become dependent upon God alone, while addressing the unique challenges of our times.

The website for our student ministry and children’s ministry also received a fresh look. Visit it today at kidswiththemost.com, and check it out!

This fall, we are prayerful in our journey, as a church, and hopeful that we will continue to experience the fullness of God. Life Groups begin Sunday, August 21, which is also Promotion Sunday for our kids and our teenagers. And the small group ministry of our students, called Huddles, begins with a fall kick-off on August 24.

Our annual student retreat at Camp Tahkodah is October 21, 22 this year, and we have already begun our prep work. The theme this year is “Hello, Mercy,” and our weekend will be spent experiencing the fullness and forgiveness of Jesus!

And Mike has given us new focus for the “21 Days” portion of our year. In previous years, we have begun our fall together, as a church, with 21 days of prayer and fasting. This year, though, we will be involved in 21 days of prayer and feasting, with a special emphasis of praying for those who do not know Jesus. Meet a fellow member of our church for breakfast or lunch, and use a portion of your lunch hour to pray for the lost, especially those that are in reach of our family here at the MoSt Church.

We are so thankful that God has blessed our summer! Pray blessings over the coming weeks and months, as we seek to know the fullness of Jesus more.

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