Mike Seale

Few things in life humble us as much as acknowledging the reality of our own sinfulness. Coming to terms not only with our awful sin, but with the vast distance it has created between ourselves and the One who Created all things. In Luke 18:9-14 Jesus introduces a parable by saying, “To some who were confident of their own righteousness.” He tells of two men praying. The first who saw himself as righteous because he didn’t do bad things and because he was doing good things in his life. The second man couldn’t even look up to Heaven, instead, “beat upon his breast” (an expression of grief and repentance) and cried out to God for mercy. The truth about our own sin can humble us and bring us to the realization of our deep need for God’s gift of grace. As a friend once shared with me, When you get to Heaven’s gate and are asked, “Why should you be allowed to enter?” There is only ONE response, “Because of what Jesus did on the cross.” It’s not because we don’t commit murder, adultery, or robbery (as the Pharisee said) or because we do good things; go to worship, give, and take communion and think we believe all the right things. It’s because of what Jesus did on the cross for me. Be blessed today as you are humbled by your own sinfulness and in turn, cry out in dependence on God’s grace and mercy.


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