Covenant of Salt. Part 2

Mike Seale
First, let’s look the word “covenant.” In the Hebrew Bible (OT) the word “beriyth” (ber-eeth) means treaty, alliance, agreement a pledge. This could be between GOD and man, or man and man, whatever the case, it was based on TRUST (we both fulfill our part of the agreement). The first time we see it used in Scripture is in Genesis 6:18 between GOD and Noah, “I will establish my covenant with you, and you will enter the ark.” There is a lot of trust for Noah to believe that GOD was going to do what He said: make it rain, keep the Ark floating and keep him and everything on board alive. But “Noah did everything GOD commanded” (6:22). Noah’s actions demonstrated trust. That is part of the agreement, (the alliance between two parties), each party involved fulfills their end of the bargain. What happens in the business world when an agreement (covenant) is made and one party breaks off their part of the bargain? What happens in our marriage relationship when one breaks their part of the marriage agreement (covenant)? The relationship is damaged, harmed, trust is lost and often times it is beyond repair. I don’t know of too many men in business that keep doing business with companies and people who break their contract and fail to keep up their end of the bargain. Now, before someone says, “Yes, but GOD isn’t like man,” I would totally agree. However, GOD’s making a covenant with man is His idea, not man’s idea.
The Challenge today, like yesterday, is to remember the covenant you have entered into with GOD, through the blood of Jesus Christ. We are saved by grace and living a transformed life that reflects our trust in Him. Be blessed today as your life reflects this sacred covenant.

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