Who’s Feeding You?

Mike Seale
There are times when we have to ask, “Who’s feeding you/me?” Is it family, friends or foes? Who am I listening to? Is it those who have confidence in me or those who are jealous, critical and don’t want to see me succeed? In Numbers 13 the twelve spies who were sent out to explore the “Land of Promise,” came back with their report. Ten were negative, critical and defeated. Their pessimistic outlook spread throughout the community of Israel. But two, Joshua and Caleb, silenced the people and declared God’s faithfulness to His promises. Even though the people suggested stoning them to death, (Numbers 14:10) they remained confident in the LORD’s power. Who are you listening to in your life? Who’s feeding you?

The Challenge today is to “change your diet” and begin listening only to those who speak faith into your life, and most importantly, the Holy Spirit. Be blessed today as you hear words of truth and promise of GOD’s faithfulness.

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