Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD GOD Almighty

Mike Seale
It’s been a while since I’ve read through the Torah (maybe too long). Reading through the Law of Moses is quite different than referencing a verse or two from it on occasions or in a sermon.
The laws and commands pertaining to sacrifices (acceptable & unacceptable), regulations for the alien or foreigner living among them, clean and unclean food, relationships in the home and with your neighbor, and the various laws pertaining to everyday life are both detailed and contemplatively convicting.
It wasn’t just about having rules, but about a people being distinct and holy; different from the surrounding nations. Practicing and keeping laws of cleanliness and purity lowered the number of diseases, infections and sicknesses among Israel, but it also allowed them to approach GOD who is Holy.
The outward conformity to laws may have allowed the people of GOD to approach Him, but no law could purify the soul and spirit before GOD. “By one sacrifice He has made perfect forever those who are being made holy,” (Heb.10:14). A simple “thank you, Father, for what Jesus did on the cross” seems so shallow and borders an insult to GOD without a transformed life. I am so unholy–standing, kneeling, bowing, prostrate before a Holy GOD!
Help me LORD to see your holiness. Isaiah 6:1-8.


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