Deliverance but not Freedom

Mike Seale
As I read through the first five books in the Old Testament, I’m getting worn out by Israel’s same pattern of gripping, complaining and criticizing both Moses and GOD. It’s a wonder they even made it to the Promise Land.

Even in the midst of all the negativity, GOD continues to demonstrate amazing patience and love. Maybe that is really what the story is more about, the magnificent GOD who is Creator of all things.
The TRUTH of the matter is GOD not only wants to deliver us from slavery and bondage to sin and our idol of addictions, but He wants us to live in freedom. Freedom from all the effects of sin (fear, shame, negativity, lives w/o purpose, and idolatry). GOD does not deliver and save us that we might be free to become entangled with our own gods, self-centeredness, new addictions, hobbies and habits that steal our money, time and resources. GOD calls us to live in freedom from these enemies and live in a new relationship with Him. Truly, we serve an amazing GOD.

The Challenge today is to move forward into the life of freedom GOD is calling us to live in Him. Though Israel was out of Egypt, Egypt was still in them! As Paul tells us, we have been delivered, so why keep on living in the same sin, the same worldly ways (Rom.6:1-2)?
Heavenly Father, thank you for your incredible patience with me, I pray I will not live in contempt toward your mercies, tolerance and patience as Israel did (Rom.2:4). Restore my sanity, renew me in right thinking! “Dear LORD and Father of mankind, forgive our foolish ways. Reclothe us in our rightful minds…” in Jesus I pray, Amen.

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