Constant Reliance

Mike Seale
How dependent am I on GOD for everything? It is very clear GOD wanted Israel to develop a daily, constant reliance on Him. So why the constant struggle for them as a nation, a people of GOD?

The LORD GOD had demonstrated power in the plagues upon Egypt, the miracles of provisions (manna falling from heaven and water from a rock). Yet, constant grumbling and an unwillingness to trust Him.

Sometimes I get so irritated and frustrated at the people of Israel when I re-read these stories in the O.T. Then I look in the mirror.

I’m faced almost daily with new opportunities to trust and have reliance on the LORD GOD, but I too demonstrate a lack of faith, whether it be through complaining, “Why me? “Why now?” “Can you not give me a break?” Or trying to fix things without Him. How can I get frustrated with Israel when I do the same and I have more history than they had (the cross and the resurrection)?

How can I complain when I read about Paul & Silas in prison (Acts 16) or John exiled to Patmos for preaching? May GOD forgive my lack of faith and trust! Psalm 103:7-18.

LORD GOD, thank you for your patience. Give me grace for my lack of reliance on You. I pray for a deeper trust in You. In Jesus name, Amen.

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