Mike Seale
A “storm” is something that creates fear, it causes doubt about your future and where you are in life. A storm can challenge everything you know (you think you know) about life and where you are. Uncertainty, frustration, stress of the unknown are common emotions that coincide with a storm.

If you have been through several hurricanes like many of my friends who live in Florida or on any coastal waters, and have survived, you have an insight of how storms can radically change your life and give you new perspective on what is important.

Tornadoes do the same. The ones in my hometown of Tuscaloosa brought unbelievable devastation. It gives you new perspective and certainly reorients your life.

In Acts 27 the apostle Paul and 275 other passengers on a ship faced hurricane winds in (27:14) a major storm. For weeks they were”driven along,. (27:15) The darkness in the sky prevented them from seeing sun or stars for days. The storm raged for days. “We finally gave up hope of being g saved”. (27:20)

There are times when we are in a storm and the storm is driving us, pushing us and life is out of our control. There are times we see no “sunshine” and we begin to give up hope. In fact, as Paul told them, “the ship will be destroyed,” (27:22).

But here’s the truth. GOD never lost control. The storm was necessary to get Paul to where GOD wanted him to be. Paul’s word from the LORD “not one of them will be lost, not one of you will lose a single hair (27:22,34). “So, keep up your courage, men, for I have faith in GOD…” (27:25).

Sometimes the storms we are facing are designed by GOD to get us to where we need to be. In other words, “IT HAD TO HAPPEN!” The storms are faith moments; will I trust GOD, trust His storm for my life to get me to where He wants me to be?

The Challenge today: if you are facing a storm, “keep up your courage, have faith in GOD!” The ship you are on, like in Acts 27, may be lost and destroyed, but you will arrive safely (27:44).
May you be blessed with courage and faith in GOD to guide you through your storm. “It will happen just as GOD told me,” (27:25).

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