God s Unique Ways. Part 3

Mike Seale The life of the flesh is in the blood. Yesterday our thoughts centered on “His blood is our propitiation.” Today I want us the think about a second phrase, “redemption through His blood,” (Eph. 1:7). The word “redemption” in this text is the Greek word, “apolutrosis,” it refers to the releasing and deliverance […]

Unique Ways. Part 2

Mike Seale “For the life of all flesh is its blood: you must not eat the blood of any living thing because the life of every living thing is its blood; anyone who eats it will be cut off,” (Lev. 17:14). The first time I ever saw an animal drained of its blood was on […]

The Unique Ways of The LORD

Mike Seale Sacrifices, cleansing, water from a rock, constructing a bronze snake, a talking donkey, daily offerings, Sabbath offerings, monthly offerings, Passover, Feast of Weeks, Feast of Trumpets, Feast of Tabernacles, Day of Atonement, Vows, Vengeance and Dividing spoils. These are the unique ways of the LORD. His holiness calls for something unique, unusual, different […]

Shaping Each Day

Mike Seale Yesterday I received the call that one of our dear brother’s in the LORD, a faithful deacon, husband and friend had passed away. Rufus Organ was certainly one of a kind. He will be missed greatly in our church family, and in his own family and community. I was at WMCS High School […]

Deliverance but not Freedom

Mike Seale As I read through the first five books in the Old Testament, I’m getting worn out by Israel’s same pattern of gripping, complaining and criticizing both Moses and GOD. It’s a wonder they even made it to the Promise Land. Even in the midst of all the negativity, GOD continues to demonstrate amazing […]

Constant Reliance

Mike Seale How dependent am I on GOD for everything? It is very clear GOD wanted Israel to develop a daily, constant reliance on Him. So why the constant struggle for them as a nation, a people of GOD? The LORD GOD had demonstrated power in the plagues upon Egypt, the miracles of provisions (manna […]

Challenging Authority

Mike Seale After the Wednesday night Men’s class, I got home and a life-long friend texted me a six minute video clip of TD Jake’s telling a personal story. It was about a time when he was being judged, criticized and his character assassinated. He struggled with the free reign people believing they could say […]


Mike Seale Many of us received our first tassel when we graduated from High School. When you look up the word “tassel” you may find “a bunch of loosely hanging threads.” That doesn’t sound impressive. Many people, back in the day, would hang their tassels from the rear view mirror in their car. It was […]

Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD GOD Almighty

Mike Seale It’s been a while since I’ve read through the Torah (maybe too long). Reading through the Law of Moses is quite different than referencing a verse or two from it on occasions or in a sermon. The laws and commands pertaining to sacrifices (acceptable & unacceptable), regulations for the alien or foreigner living […]

Who’s Feeding You?

Mike Seale There are times when we have to ask, “Who’s feeding you/me?” Is it family, friends or foes? Who am I listening to? Is it those who have confidence in me or those who are jealous, critical and don’t want to see me succeed? In Numbers 13 the twelve spies who were sent out […]