Under Enemy Fire

By Kendall Lowe

The Bible constantly speaks of “blessing those who persecute you” and “rejoicing in our persecutions”. However, most of us today in this country when asked if we are being persecuted would answer “No”. We don’t feel persecuted for our faith in our daily lives, and sometimes we shame ourselves into thinking that it is because we are not being good enough Christians. We think, “Maybe I’m not being persecuted because I’m not sharing my faith enough.” This is a hard trap to fall into, because when we try to correct it, it may become a wrong motivation for talking about Jesus. Instead of caring for the lives of others, we are instead trying to draw the eyes of critics and get people upset with us so that we can feel persecuted and therefore feel better about our faith.

Most of us are probably not trying to draw persecution, but many of us may still feel troubled when it never seems to come our way. What can we do? Should we try to invoke others to hate us and therefore feel like we are being followers?

Let me give you a scenario to offer a suggestion: Two soldiers are in the midst of the battlefield. Both are hunkered down behind barriers, hiding from the enemy trench just ahead. One of the soldiers is receiving heavy fire and is trying desperately to stay behind the barrier. The other soldier, just a few yards away, has not been discovered and isn’t being fired upon at all. So, what does he do? Well, he relaxes a little bit. Kicks his legs up onto a rock. Leans back on the barrier. Starts to fall asleep because he is so comfortable. “Ah, this is the life.”

What?! No soldier would ever respond in this way! He would do everything in his power to relieve his fellow soldier of the enemy barrage that is pinning him down.

You may not now, or ever, feel like you are going through intense persecution, but I can guarantee you that one of your fellow Christians is. Between jobs and school and sports and family, a brother or sister in your midst is going through trials and persecution from Satan and the world. So, amid your peaceful time, is your response to feel like you are doing something wrong or to relax and enjoy an easy season? Or is your response to seek out those who are under heavy fire from the enemy and give them some relief? Let’s thank God for blessing us by blessing those who need it most.

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