Humility (part 3)

Mike Seale

Fighting against GOD is a losing battle. Numerous stories in the Hebrew Bible (the O.T.) shows GOD in full battle array against the proud. Take for example Pharaoh. You would think that ten plagues of every kind of punishment possible would be enough for any person, even one as powerful and wealthy as Pharaoh. Natural disasters, economic destruction, infectious diseases and the loss of a first born child were still not enough to break Pharaoh’s pride and arrogance. It only made him more angry. The final blow came as his entire army was wiped out at the Red Sea.

GOD gives us opportunities to humble ourselves, to repent and cry out for help. But if we are too pride-filled we can find ourselves becoming more angry and fighting even harder against Him, just like Pharaoh. The wonderful nature of GOD’s love responds to our brokenness. If we humble ourselves and confess our need for Him, He will lift us up. There can be only One GOD and One LORD in life, and that’s not me. Be blessed today as you remember your need for GOD.


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