Living in the Presence of God

 As I leave my home and begin today’s journey in life, is there a way to make the ordinary extraordinary?

Much of our lives are lived in the mundane, the day in and day out routines of life. Sleep, breakfast, the ride to work or to see clients and other businesses. Seeing and meeting many of the same people with the occasional introduction to someone new seems rather ordinary and routine.

But it is in these encounters that I begin to realize that God, who is living in me, wants to do something extraordinary. A wave, a smile, a kind or encouraging word, a helping hand, a prayer offered, an expression of care and concern for what another is facing. These moments become lasting impressions of God’s Spirit on others, His Spirit that is within us. Living in the Presence of God is to recognize the ordinary moments and encounters we experience become holy…where God is, is in fact holy.

Peter writes, “But just as He who called you is holy, so be holy in ALL YOU DO,” (I Peter 1:15).

The Challenge today is to allow God to remove the scales from your eyes that you might see these holy moments. Be blessed today in the ordinary extraordinary moments.


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