Living In the Presence of God (part 3)

Mike Seale

Living in the Presence of a Holy God can be overwhelming, and probably should be. No one lives in His Presence and remains the same. I’m led to believe it’s the very reason many choose not to walk with or live in the Presence of God…change is coming.

Abraham was changed. He left his home, GOD made a covenant of circumcision with him and then God asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac. Jacob was changed. God changed his name, wrestled with him and crippled him, and then allowed him to live over 20 years with the perception that his son Joseph was dead. Joseph was changed. He was hated by his brothers, they sold him into slavery, he was accused falsely, then imprisoned. Moses was changed from a prince of Egypt to a shepherd in the fields. Moses’ countenance was changed when he was in the Presence of God.

Many of the changes GOD makes in our lives is to purify us, to make us holy like Him (2Cor. 3:18). He removes the impurities-those crippling attitudes like anger, pride and unforgiveness or behaviors that eventually lead us to destroy ourselves.

Spiritual surgery is not fun, but when it’s over we are changed forever.

The Challenge today is to embrace the necessary changes that come from walking in His Presence. Be blessed today as The Lord God begins His work on you.

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