Living in the Presence of God. Part 4

Mike Seale

I finished reading the book of Genesis on Monday and my mind is flooded with so many thoughts of what it must have been like for them to encounter God for the very first time. What was lost in Eden, and further lost in the flood, people would not have even known God unless He had revealed Himself to them. God came both to Noah and to Abraham, each knowing little to nothing about their Creator. It is extraordinary to read how often after an encounter with God took place, an alter would be built, they would call upon God and worship would take place (Gen.8:20;12:7; 21:33; 22:13; 24:26: 26:25; 28:16-22; 35:3,14-15).

Living in the Presence of God  certainly includes a life of worship. To hear His voice and to encounter the mighty God results in humbling ourselves in worship. Here’s the thought… I can’t worship if I am full of myself. I believe that is why broken people worship the best.

The Challenge today: as you encounter God today (pray for your eyes to be open) offer your worship to Him through thankfulness, prayer and praise. Be blessed by your worship.

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