Hearts that are Prompted

Mike Seale
I’m reading about this tabernacle or sanctuary (Exodus 25) God wanted them to make so He might dwell among them (25:8). You have the Ark, the table, the lamp-stand and the tabernacle itself. But a verse caught my attention (25:2) “You are to receive the offering from me from each man whose heart prompts him to give.” So I looked at 10 different translations of that verse (moves him, prompts him, impulse of the heart, willingly, the person who wants to) are just a few. What is this prompting of the heart? Is it human? (Nah, couldn’t be, we are broken and fallen). Perhaps the Spirit of God working, moving, nudging, urging, prompting our hearts.
I was invited this week to go on the Spring Mission trip to Nicaragua and so I sent out texts and emails to family members and friends to get an initial feel on support to see if I had the backing to go. Wow! God did some prompting. My parents, sister and husband, my cousin immediately responded in less than 10 hours. My cousin said, “It’s not ours, we are here to redistribute it where God leads us.”

The Challenge for us today is to begin listening and obeying the promptings of God. This takes spiritual discernment. Certainly pray and ask about a prompting. Gideon did. He needed clarification and affirmation. Be blessed today as you seek to obey God in your life.


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