The Law of the Lord

Mike Seale

How is God’s law lived out in your life? Let me be clear, I’m not talking about legalism, but rather living in the boundaries that GOD has given to protect us and bring life to ourselves and our families. Jesus said, Love the LORD your GOD first, and with all your being, and show love to others, (Mt.22:37,38). No idols and treat others right and fair.
After giving the Ten Commandments, Moses spends a great deal of time explaining how those laws played out in the lives of GOD’s people. Don’t mistreat foreigners because you were foreigners in Egypt. Don’t spread false reports, don’t lie on the witness stand and if you see someone’s animal of someone who hates you fallen down under its load be sure to help. I can’t help but think how much our lives would change by simply living within these boundaries of love, kindness, mercy and forgiveness.

The Challenge is for us to realign ourselves with the practice of the golden rule (Mt.7:12), the greatest command (Mt.22:37), the summary of the entire law (Gal.5:14) and the royal law (James 2:8). Be blessed today in the Law of the Lord.


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