GOD’s Presence

Mike Seale
The golden calf moment really hurt Israel’s relationship with GOD. Moses interceded, begged for their forgiveness and even laid his own life out there for the people, “Please forgive their sin, but if not, blot me out of the book you have written,” (Ex.32:32). GOD must have been highly frustrated, and rightly so, “No, I will blot out those who have sinned”…and then a plague punishment followed. GOD must have been really angry about it because He tells Moses “I will send an angel before you to dive out the enemies, but I will not go with you because you are a stiff-necked people, and if I did go with you I would destroy them,” (Ex.33:2-5).

The Challenge for us today is take a moment and reflect how our sin & disobedience drives the Presence of GOD from us. I don’t think this is, “Oh no, I slipped in a moment and said something I shouldn’t have said,” this is more of a willful, direct, stubborn, rebellious and disobedient action. Let us be blessed today as we “Walk in the Light,” (I John 1:7).

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