Mike Seale
Many of us received our first tassel when we graduated from High School. When you look up the word “tassel” you may find “a bunch of loosely hanging threads.” That doesn’t sound impressive. Many people, back in the day, would hang their tassels from the rear view mirror in their car. It was a symbol to remind them of their accomplishment of graduating from high school. In Numbers 15 Israel was told to make tassels “throughout the generations to come.” These tassels were to hang from the corners of their garments and have a blue cord (15:39). They were to look at these tassels to remember the commands of the LORD and obey them…for I am the LORD your GOD who brought you out of Egypt, (15:39-40).
The Challenge today is to ask, “What “tassels” am I  looking at to remind me of GOD’s commands and His faithfulness?
Some wear a cross to profess their allegiance which also symbolizes GOD’s love and faithfulness. We need reminders in a world of forgetfulness to keep us from losing heart. Be blessed today as you remember the “tassels” in your life where GOD showed himself faithful to you.

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