Challenging Authority

Mike Seale
After the Wednesday night Men’s class, I got home and a life-long friend texted me a six minute video clip of TD Jake’s telling a personal story. It was about a time when he was being judged, criticized and his character assassinated.

He struggled with the free reign people believing they could say anything they wanted simply because he was a public figure. It is true that being in the public eye you can expect some criticism; as some say, “It comes with the territory.”

This story reminded me of my daily reading in Numbers 16 where Korah, Dathan and Abiram criticized and challenged Moses, who had been called and appointed by none other than GOD himself. As you can imagine it didn’t go well for these men, their families and 250 followers who stood with them against Moses. The ground opened up and “swallowed them, with their households…and all their possessions,” (Numbers 16:31-32).

The Challenge is for us to recognize and respect those whom GOD has appointed, called and ordained to lead. Someone might ask, “Then Who holds them accountable?” GOD does! He sets up, and He takes down, (Dan. 2:21; Isaiah 22:20-22; Zach. 3:1-7). GOD has both the power to humble and humiliate those in authority (Pharaoh & Nebuchadnezzar).

Be blessed today as we respect those in authority (whether politically, local law or in GOD’s church – Romans 13:1-6).

Here is the link to the story with TD Jakes.

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