God’s Unique Ways. Part 4

Mike Seale
There are six more words connected to the blood of Christ that I will discuss in the upcoming days. One of those is the blood of reconciliation.

The word “reconciliation” (katallage) refers to a restoration of divine favor. Because of what Christ did in the pouring out of His Life-Blood on the cross, we have the opportunity to be restored to “Divine Favor!”

I’m reminded of the story of reconciliation between Jacob and Esau, (Gen.32:13-21; 33:1-12). Jacob sent three different waves of gifts to offer to his brother Esau. Jacob had stolen the blessing away from Esau when he lied to their father Isaac and pretended to be his brother (Gen.27).

Jacob’s hope, in sending these gifts, “I will pacify (appease) him with these gifts…” (Gen.32:20). Jacob’s desire was to turn the fierce anger of his brother away. Esau was so angry that he “held a grudge against Jacob…and consoled himself with the thought of killing Jacob” (Gen.27:41-45).

The Challenge today is to have a deeper understanding of how the gift of the life-blood of Jesus turned the wrath of GOD away. Because of this gift, we can be restored to Divine Favor.
Be blessed today in your reconciliation with GOD the Father.

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