Victory, Testing, Grumbling and Faith

Mike Seale

Ten powerful plagues, the Red Sea miracle and the destruction of the Egyptian army seems enough to satisfy anyone’s faith that GOD is with us. The LORD knows His people. He knew that if they faced battle too soon they would change their mind (Ex.13:17).  But even after victory and worship (Ex.15) declaring GOD’s power, glory, rule and reign-the people started grumbling when they didn’t have water or food (Ex.15:24; 16:2). Clearly the text says, “The LORD tested them…” 15:25; 16:4). Why do we lose faith so quickly? Perhaps, like Israel, our faith is in its embryonic state. Perhaps it’s our nature to be negative and doubtful. Perhaps it’s because it is “ME” who is going through difficulty. Remember, we have more biblical history than any other generation before us that our GOD will fight for us and He is faithful. EXPECT testing times! GOD will “squeeze” on us to see what comes out; faith or frustration and doubt.

The Challenge for us in a test is to speak faith in GOD and not grumbling words. I know at times it appears overwhelming, but that means GOD’s work will be all the more extraordinary. Be blessed today as you live out your faith in testing times.


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