Bricks without Straw

Have you ever experienced things in life going from bad to worse? Being in the ministry I have experienced it personally and seen it happen to others. It sometimes happens when we decide to follow the Lord and walk in obedience. Our lives can go from bad to worse…before they get better. Such is the case with Moses and the children of Israel. When Moses confronts Pharaoh saying, “God says let my people go!” Pharaoh responds, “Who is the Lord that I should obey Him? I do not know Him and I will not let Israel go!” …and tell your people they have to make bricks without straw.” Bad to worse. Not only were they NOT leaving, but now they have to go find the straw to make the bricks (Ex.5:1-11). If that wasn’t bad enough, the people turned on Moses (5:20).

Perhaps in your life you have decided to follow the LORD GOD and things have gone  from bad to worse. Yes, the discouragement from the evil one is present. Just know, DELIVERANCE is around the corner.

The Challenge is for us to faithfully endure the “bad to worse” and trust in His coming deliverance. Be blessed today as you grow in your faith and trust in God’s will and way.


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