Helping others Succeed

There is no doubt the success of Moses, as a leader in the exodus, was directly related to the power of God. But God also sent others along his side to help him. Aaron, Miriam, Joshua, Caleb, the godly men & elders in Exodus 18 & Numbers 11. GOD still does that today. After hearing our guest speaker this weekend, HK Derryberry, I was moved and inspired by his life. Being blind and having cerebral palsy does not hinder him from being a blessing to others. But I was equally impressed with Jim Bradford, his mentor and father figure.  Jim saw something in that little boy, HK, and invested the last 18 years of his life in helping him to become everything God intended. Who all has helped you to succeed? One of the greatest blessings and callings in life is to help others to succeed in discovering God’s purpose for their life, be it our own children, a friend or someone else’s child.

The challenge for  us is to remember those who helped us, and to ask God to open our eyes to help someone else who is in need. Be blessed today as you remember to help those in need.


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