Sin Makes You Stupid… or At Least Say Stupid Things

Mike Seale

The scene: Moses is on Mt Sinai receiving the Law from GOD. Because he was gone so long the people became impatient and decided to get his brother Aaron to “make gods who will go out before us, (Ex 32:1-2)…and Aaron does. He uses the very giftedness GOD’s Spirit had given to him and fashions a golden calf. Then builds an alter and announces, “tomorrow there will be a festival to the Lord.” And of course it becomes a party indulging in “revelry.” To say that GOD gets angry is an understatement, “Leave me alone that my anger may burn against them and that I may destroy them,” (32:10). Moses intercedes and pleads, goes down from the mountain, and in his anger, throws the tablets of stone breaking them into pieces. Aaron says, “don’t be angry…you know how prone people are to do evil, they asked me to make them gods…so I took their gold jewelry threw it into the fire, and out came this calf!” (32:22-23). I wonder if Moses wanted to say, “How stupid do you think I am, Aaron?” It makes me wonder how many times my own sin was followed by some stupid statement or explanation, “Well, that’s what everyone else was doing, so I decided to do it too.” Or, “I just want to be happy!” How stupid do we think GOD is?

The Challenge today is to repent of our stupidity, and to seek GOD’s forgiveness. Be blessed today as you live in wisdom from the Word and not the stupidity that comes from willful sin  and rebellion.


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