GOD’s Unique Ways. Part 6. Making Peace Through His Blood.

Mike Seale

Being with odds with people in our lives, people who we care about, can make for some pretty restless nights.
Whether they are in the wrong or I am in the wrong, if I care about them, if I love them as GOD calls me to love, it is truly upsetting.

It’s easy to hate or dislike people you don’t know, but when it happens to be a friend, a spouse, someone I’ve dated, a business partner, it can shut my system down to where I don’t want to eat and where I find it hard to function in my life. Sin does that sort of thing. Sin, in the form of betrayal, lies, gossip, character assassination can put us at odds with others.

Isaiah tells the people, “GOD’s hand is not too short he cannot help, nor his ear too heavy to hear, but your sins have separated you…” (59:1-2). Paul writes, “While we were GOD’s enemies, we were reconciled through the death of His Son…” (Rom.5:18).

Being at war with GOD, an enemy of GOD isn’t a favorable place to be, He is perfect and zero in the win vs. loss column.

But through the blood of Jesus He has made peace with us (Col.1:20: Rom.5:1). The word for peace “eirenopoieo” means GOD has established harmony! Exemption from the rage and havoc of war, security, and safety.

How great is it when we are at peace and in harmony with others! But more importantly with GOD!

The Challenge today is to make sure, without question, you are no longer at war with GOD. He has made a way, through the blood of Jesus to be at peace with us, we find that at the cross. Secondly, there are those we need to make peace with. I certainly have my own list, how about you?

Be blessed today as you seek peace with GOD, through the blood of peace, Christ His Son. That same blood of peace can bring reconciliation to others. Forgive, as you have been forgiven.

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