GOD’s Unique Ways. Part 7

Mike Seale
The story is told of a man standing before a judge and pleading to be released from his accused crime. Instead of having an attorney speak for him, the man incessantly talked of his innocence. The judge had enough and pounded his gavel to shut the man up, but he kept talking. Finally the judge threw his gavel at the man, missed him, and hit another man on the front row. The man on the front row responded, “Hit me again your Honor, I can still hear him talking!”
I wonder if we ever think we could “talk our way out” when we stand before GOD? This is one reason we need to grasp the power of the blood of Jesus. “Since we have now been justified by His blood, how much more shall we be saved from GOD’s wrath through Him!” (Rom.5:9).
The word here for justified is “dikaioo” and means to render righteous, to pronounce one to be just or as they ought to be. I’ve heard some ministers say, “justified, just as if it had never happened.” Since we have been set right before GOD by the means of the sacrificial death and blood of Jesus, there is no longer a question of being at odds with the LORD GOD!
The Challenge today is to close our mouths before GOD and allow Jesus and his blood to speak for us. He is our mediator, our Advocate, our Counselor who goes before our Heavenly Father and declares that we belong to Him. Be blessed today as you stand and live your life justified before GOD.

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