First Things First-God’s Call To Worship

Mike Seale I find it most interesting that when God spoke to Moses in the burning bush, his first task was to gather the people in the desert to offer sacrifices to the Lord God. God sent him to Egypt to gather the Israelite elders and go before the king of Egypt and say, “The […]

Living in the Presence of God. Part 4

Mike Seale I finished reading the book of Genesis on Monday and my mind is flooded with so many thoughts of what it must have been like for them to encounter God for the very first time. What was lost in Eden, and further lost in the flood, people would not have even known God […]


Mike Seale If you hold a nickel close enough to your eye you  block out the sun. Though the sun is trillions and trillions of times bigger, that small nickel can darken your perspective. When facing the “nickels” of life, we often allow the “momentary troubles” to block out the great power of God in […]

Living In the Presence of God (part 3)

Mike Seale Living in the Presence of a Holy God can be overwhelming, and probably should be. No one lives in His Presence and remains the same. I’m led to believe it’s the very reason many choose not to walk with or live in the Presence of God…change is coming. Abraham was changed. He left […]

Grace to Be Me

Mike Seale Growing up we often play games where we would imitate others. I would often climb trees, swing from a rope and think of myself as Tarzan. I know, go ahead and laugh, I still do. My mom and I both thought that the five time Olympic gold medal swimmer, Johnny Weissmuller, was the […]

Living in the Presence of God

 As I leave my home and begin today’s journey in life, is there a way to make the ordinary extraordinary? Much of our lives are lived in the mundane, the day in and day out routines of life. Sleep, breakfast, the ride to work or to see clients and other businesses. Seeing and meeting many […]