Helping others Succeed

There is no doubt the success of Moses, as a leader in the exodus, was directly related to the power of God. But God also sent others along his side to help him. Aaron, Miriam, Joshua, Caleb, the godly men & elders in Exodus 18 & Numbers 11. GOD still does that today. After hearing […]

Bricks without Straw

Have you ever experienced things in life going from bad to worse? Being in the ministry I have experienced it personally and seen it happen to others. It sometimes happens when we decide to follow the Lord and walk in obedience. Our lives can go from bad to worse…before they get better. Such is the […]

Victory, Testing, Grumbling and Faith

Mike Seale Ten powerful plagues, the Red Sea miracle and the destruction of the Egyptian army seems enough to satisfy anyone’s faith that GOD is with us. The LORD knows His people. He knew that if they faced battle too soon they would change their mind (Ex.13:17).  But even after victory and worship (Ex.15) declaring […]

First Things First-God’s Call To Worship

Mike Seale I find it most interesting that when God spoke to Moses in the burning bush, his first task was to gather the people in the desert to offer sacrifices to the Lord God. God sent him to Egypt to gather the Israelite elders and go before the king of Egypt and say, “The […]

Living in the Presence of God. Part 4

Mike Seale I finished reading the book of Genesis on Monday and my mind is flooded with so many thoughts of what it must have been like for them to encounter God for the very first time. What was lost in Eden, and further lost in the flood, people would not have even known God […]


Mike Seale If you hold a nickel close enough to your eye you  block out the sun. Though the sun is trillions and trillions of times bigger, that small nickel can darken your perspective. When facing the “nickels” of life, we often allow the “momentary troubles” to block out the great power of God in […]

Living In the Presence of God (part 3)

Mike Seale Living in the Presence of a Holy God can be overwhelming, and probably should be. No one lives in His Presence and remains the same. I’m led to believe it’s the very reason many choose not to walk with or live in the Presence of God…change is coming. Abraham was changed. He left […]