Mike Seale Many of us received our first tassel when we graduated from High School. When you look up the word “tassel” you may find “a bunch of loosely hanging threads.” That doesn’t sound impressive. Many people, back in the day, would hang their tassels from the rear view mirror in their car. It was […]

Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD GOD Almighty

Mike Seale It’s been a while since I’ve read through the Torah (maybe too long). Reading through the Law of Moses is quite different than referencing a verse or two from it on occasions or in a sermon. The laws and commands pertaining to sacrifices (acceptable & unacceptable), regulations for the alien or foreigner living […]

Who’s Feeding You?

Mike Seale There are times when we have to ask, “Who’s feeding you/me?” Is it family, friends or foes? Who am I listening to? Is it those who have confidence in me or those who are jealous, critical and don’t want to see me succeed? In Numbers 13 the twelve spies who were sent out […]

Covenant of Salt. Part 5

Mike Seale After looking at each word separately, now join the words and their meanings back together. The idea of two parties making a covenant, an agreement with each other with trust as the binding tie. “Salt” gives us the truth that we are tested to trust GOD every day and in every circumstance. We […]

Covenant of Salt (pt 4) A Part of Worship

Mike Seale According to Exodus 30:34-38 salt was used in the formula of making incense. We know from Scripture, our prayers rise up to GOD like incense when it is burned, “May my prayer be set before you like incense…” (Psalm 141:2). We already noted how salt was added to the sacrifices, and now to […]

Covenant of Salt. Part 3

Mike Seale Today, let’s look at “salt.” The Hebrew word “melach” comes from a root word which means to rub to pieces or pulverize, to disappear as dust, or to season or rub with salt. One of first times it’s used is when Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt, (Gen.19:26). Though “covenant” is […]

Covenant of Salt. Part 2

Mike Seale First, let’s look the word “covenant.” In the Hebrew Bible (OT) the word “beriyth” (ber-eeth) means treaty, alliance, agreement a pledge. This could be between GOD and man, or man and man, whatever the case, it was based on TRUST (we both fulfill our part of the agreement). The first time we see […]