Mike Seale A “storm” is something that creates fear, it causes doubt about your future and where you are in life. A storm can challenge everything you know (you think you know) about life and where you are. Uncertainty, frustration, stress of the unknown are common emotions that coincide with a storm. If you have […]

Living to Die or Dying to Live

Kendall Lowe The life of a gladiator was not one to be envied. Day by day preparing for the possibility of being killed in the coliseum each night could easily be their last. How do you think they went about living their lives outside of the arena? Paul describes it well in 1 Corinthians 15:32 […]

GOD’s Unique Ways. Part 8. Entrance By The Blood.

Mike Seale Today will be my last devotional writing for a few weeks. I am scheduled for early morning meetings this week and will be in Tuscaloosa Thursday and Friday to take my dad for his second cataract surgery. Next Monday I leave for a mission trip to Nicaragua and return March 27. As a […]

GOD’s Unique Ways. Part 7

Mike Seale The story is told of a man standing before a judge and pleading to be released from his accused crime. Instead of having an attorney speak for him, the man incessantly talked of his innocence. The judge had enough and pounded his gavel to shut the man up, but he kept talking. Finally […]

GOD’s Unique Ways. Part 5. IT NEVER HAPPENED.

Mike Seale “In fact, the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no remission (forgiveness)” (Heb.9:22). Are there moments in your life that you wish “never happened?” Maybe there are some things you said that alienated you in a relationship with someone else. Maybe a […]

God’s Unique Ways. Part 4

Mike Seale There are six more words connected to the blood of Christ that I will discuss in the upcoming days. One of those is the blood of reconciliation. The word “reconciliation” (katallage) refers to a restoration of divine favor. Because of what Christ did in the pouring out of His Life-Blood on the cross, […]